Monday, January 14, 2008


We went to see Juno and Enchanted. They couldn't have been more different. Loved the pop-up book scenes in Enchanted.


I just downloaded "Anyone Else But You" from the Juno soundtrack. I wanted the Moldy Peaches version but you had to buy the whole album so I just got the version where Michael Cera and Ellen Page sing it.


Williams Sonoma marshmallows I got at their after Christmas sale.


Trying to get back to normal after a week in Vegas


  1. Hi! I am a frequent visitor to your website and if you want the Moldy Peaches version of the song, I can email it to you. Let me know!

  2. I LOVED Juno. Want to see Enchanted. Glad you're o.k. (I read about the accident). Take care of yourself!

  3. P.S. Some guy just posted a link to that song on his blog.

  4. I liked Enchanted okay and even though it was my idea to go watch Juno, I felt disappointed about it. It's like Garden State 2007 or something. The whole "oooh i'm so hip and indie" thing was a bit too much. The one thing that kept bugging me about it was that if Juno is so precocious and smart, why didn't she use a condom in the first place?

  5. if you look up the moldy peaches themselves on iTunes, there's a link to the song on their album for download. 99 cents. whee!

    - trish

  6. I loved Juno! Just saw it this past weekend. I too was looking for that song...thanks for all the links.

  7. brenda, mrs. blogoway - oh thanks... looks like I can get it on iTunes

    nakedsushi - I did hear something about it making teen pregnancy look cool... that's not so good.

    trish - thanks for letting me know!