Friday, February 15, 2008

Aaron got me the most amazing balloon ever for Valentine's Day. It's a singing balloon! And it looks a little like him too.


  1. I like that it's wearing a tie. Way to put forth an effort, ballon man!

  2. That is TOO CUTE! Did it scare Stewie? Your posts never disappoint, your blog is fantastic.

  3. Mylar balloons make me weak in the knees... and it sings!? So cute!

    Did you know that some places offer one free refill???

  4. I just saw those at the supermarket this past week. It was funny because someone set one off and the rest of us had no idea where the singing was coming from. Once we saw it was from a ballon we all were looking for others to set off...I guess you had to be there.

  5. You gave that just the sweetest little tap! How nice!

    Every year my husband I agree to NOT celebrate Valentines Day, just stay home and snuggle on the couch with dinner we make together.

    This year he couldn't help himself, he said. He got me the loveliest orange Gerber Daisy plant! It's gorgeous! And it'll keep growing! Yeah!

    It's nice when it's something thoughtful.

  6. Hi Ljc!

    Just a second to answer you: Do you know this Scrapbooking programme?:

    Very nice ballon!

    Kisses from Spain.

  7. Sorry, I wanted to say Ask You no answer you.

    My poor english...


  8. xhiara - No, I hadn't seen that program before. It reminds me a little of scrapblog though...