Monday, February 25, 2008

I am no fan of Microsoft, but I am a fan of bunnies, cupcakes, pink stuff and Amy Sedaris. I was poking around Facebook when I hit this Microsoft ad with Amy Sedaris running Dusty Food Cupcakes with rabbits making cupcakes. I about passed out.

Bunnies with Chef hats are making cupcakes on a conveyer belt.

The bakery is pink with pastel colored decor. So cute. I was drooling over her vintage spice jars and mint green phone.

Clover the bunny shows Amy how to use Microsoft to organize her small business that is in disarray. At the end she goes skipping off to a rabbit convention in a bright pink dress. Wonderful! You can watch the video here.


  1. i share your sentiments about microsoft AND A.S. cute commercial though! i love the colors of this blog post, makes me want to start posting spring things on my own blog!

  2. I LOVE bunnies, but the top bunny in the pic reminds me of the killer rabbit in Monty Python!

  3. I am so ready for spring too. Our winter has been a bust.

  4. I love the typing bunny in the video. Hysterical!
    PS: The Bungalow 360 bags are great -- daughter bought two and loves them. Thanks!

  5. I loved this ad - I'm not the biggest microsoft fan either, but I love me some bunnies. I love the little chef hats and the fat little bun creeping over her shoulder. Thanks!