Monday, February 18, 2008

I was pretty bummed to find out that LeSportSac is no longer making Tokidoki bags. I was so distraught that I made a frantic bid for one on eBay and then panicked that I might actually win it. The bags are cute but pricey.

It all turned out okay because Aaron got me a Bungalow360 bag for Valentine's Day. (the heart one on the left) They are much more reasonable but still super cute! I love that the business is a one woman show although her support staff page suggests otherwise. $2 of every purchase goes to animal rescue! (check out the pic of the kitty sitting on the pig!) Oscar and Stewie are pleased.


  1. Yeah, I'll probably never have one of those bags b/c I have such a hard time justifying that much money on a bag (especially when I switch out bags very frequently). I would love to have one sometime b/c they're just so darn cute!

    Sam got me a Bungalo360 bag a couple of years back for my birthday. It looks like it has Christmas trees all over it. It's so adorable!

  2. Thanks for the Bungalow360 link! My daughter has been bidding on E-Bay for LeSportSac bags, and I'm hoping she might like the Bungalow360 ones. They're just as cute!

  3. Those bags are so great. I stupidly bought a Louis Vuitton bag on a whim and then realized that $1100 for a bag was ridiculous. I sold it on Ebay shortly there after and stick to buying reasonable things.

    The whale print above is almost identical to a tote I just got at Target for $10!! Their spring bags are super cute this year. :-)

  4. My friend Jenn has like 15 Tokidoki LeSportSacs in varying prints. She is a bit obsessive.

  5. Those are cute!
    I too have longed for a spotsac tokidoki but couldn't bear to spend $150 for a nylon bag (but such cute prints, augh!). I could spend just a bit more and get an orla kiely bag on ebay....

  6. ljcfyi,
    check out this news article. don't feed breath mints to your pets: