Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am a pretty huge Method fan. So you can imagine how bummed I was when I found out they had an advocate program and NO ONE ASKED ME TO BE IN IT! *sniff*

Lucky Tiffanie is in it and got samples of their newest products.

Kid 3-in-1 shampoo and body wash. How cute are these containers?

Things to make your baby very clean. Bubble bath, body lotion, hair + body watch and diaper cream.

Toilet bowl cleaner and bathroom scrub. I love how the Le Scrub container had a notch in it to hold the scrubby. Great design!

I don't have a need to scrub any dirty kids or babies, but I am definitely getting some of the Lil' Bowl Blu and Le Scrub.


  1. I *heart* Method! Those new product packing is so pretty!

  2. Jenny, I bought the fuzzy peach body wash/shampoo at eastview target and was disappointed. it didn't smell good, and it made my hair gunky. :(

  3. I have to confess that I don't love Method... I bought the Baby Laundry Detergent for our little one's clothes... and she had a terrible reaction to them. Turned into eczema-- for her second and third months-- until we finally realized that a change in detergent eradicated it completely.

    I really wanted to like them, too. : (

  4. jenny - i purchased the toilet and scrub stuff. I like the toilet cleaner but I haven't actually USED the scrubby stuff yet.
    P.S. The methodkid/baby stuff is supposed to be an otter. Complete with stub tail on the back.

  5. I've been using the new toilet cleaner and the Le Scrub for a couple of months now. I'm pretty impressed.

    The toilet cleaner is good. It has a pretty strong (which I happen to like) but not lingering scent. It's still a far better smell than the usual toxic odors or the fake pine/lemon smells. I love Le Scrub for the sink and counters. It has a mild abrasive, but doesn't seem to scratch. The little sponge is great and I've been looking for a larger version. I even emailed Method about the sponge.

    The best thing about it is the price--I just wish more retailers in my area carried the whole Method line.

    And yah, I'm a sucker for the scents and packaging.

  6. ooh, I'm going to have to see if my Target has that Method Baby line! My baby doesn't have sensitive skin at all, but I do prefer to avoid icky ingredients wherever possible.

  7. I bought some of the Method Baby stuff - haven't tried the bath wash yet, but I've been using the baby lotion on my little guy, and he smells yummy! It goes on really well, too.

    I *love* Method, too - longtime fan, especially the shower spray and the olive oil hand soap!