Sunday, April 20, 2008

The weather in Rochester has been amazing. We have never had our yard and garden ready so early in the spring.

Aaron put together the potting table he got me for Christmas. (Why are they sometimes called potting benches? You can't sit on them)

I used it to pot a new rosemary plant. Potting plants has never been easier.


  1. I must get one for myself when we move in to our new home.

  2. I love your blog, I was researching about vegetable garden online and it bought me to your site last week.
    Just a glance at it, and I am hooked! I kept coming back everyday to check on updates!
    I am growing tomatos and peppers and herbs for the first time and hope they will blossom and glow this year! (I suck at growing stuff but I like to grow) The weather is still kinda cold in nor Cali. hot and cold hot and cold, so weird!
    I tried growing avacado from seed last year, but the frost killed both my plants. They were growing fine :(
    anyway, I love your blog Jenny!

  3. Oh how perfect!!!! Where did he find it?

  4. That is an adorable. Perfect for the summer.

  5. porcelain - I don't know. He got it for me for Christmas and he is very sneaky.

  6. *looks outside at 10 feet of snow*

    *fumes silently*

    *considers moving to Rochester, where Spring is on schedule*

  7. I love that potting table! Maybe if I got one of those my brown thumb would turn green. :)