Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This weekend Aaron took me to Olindo's Italian Import Food and set me loose. They have lots of pasta and olive oil, but what I was smitten with were the LavAzza coffee cups. They were only $2 each!

They remind me of the cups we drank cappucino from at the Italian bakeries in Boston. Aaron doesn't like the little handles 'cause his finger doesn't fit in it.

I also got a bottle of Lurisia spring water and some LavAzza coffee. I have a little corner of Italy set up on my kitchen counter.


  1. ...is that the croissant that ate Manhattan???

  2. No... that's a lobstah tail. Flaky pastry with cream inside. I think I was able to eat 1/3 of it!

  3. LAVAZZA!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    Love it! My favorite Decaf in the world. The Italians know how to roast coffee beans. They don't burn them like everyone else. MMMMMMmmmm.

    Move over Starbucks.

    Here's my coffee snob post for you (which mentions Lavazza):


  4. Yes, the Italians know how to roast coffee, but Lavazza is not that great... Try Illy (yes, I know, it's at least double the price of Lavazza, but believe me, it's worth it). It's available at Wegmans.

    However, I feed my Ms. Sylvia espresso machine only Java Joe's (now Boulder at the Market) Espresso Adoration beans. Stop by the public market sometime and give it a try.

  5. I wanna go back to Boston and that bakery, the croissants were amazing! How much did we eat on that trip??

  6. Delish!

    If you want to sample some of the best coffee out there, order from this Chicago based company:

    You might want to purchase a burr grinder for a better brew at home. The Breville Ikon, which you can get at Williams-Sonoma, has been working quite well for us. Of course once you do that, you'll need to upgrade your coffee maker and then find space for an espresso machine, or just stick with a French press. It becomes an obsession I tell ya :-)

    Natalie from NC