Saturday, June 14, 2008


This weekend we got to do some tidying up around the house. I ordered these shelves on sale at CB2 and enjoyed organizing our books on them.

We also have this ladder bookshelf from Target. I really enjoy arranging books on shelves. Wonder if I should have been a librarian.


  1. love both your book shelves.

    question: do you alphabetize your books? i saw a designer recently who organized some books by color and the result was quite striking. every time i mention this to someone they gasp and say, "oh no! mine are in alphabetical order."
    please tell me i'm not the only one who doesn't alphabetize!

  2. I can spend days ordering books - it's the first thing I do when moving into a new place or rearranging a room. I break them into categories by topic. I also used to arrange them by height after that, but have managed to suppress that compulsion for now. We've talked about changing J's study to a library, but that would mean combining our books and we have different org systems, so we're both very wary.

  3. I organize them by height and language and topic. For example books in Spanish or English go on different shelves. Engineering books on other shelves and within a shelve they are arranged by height and author (but not alphabetically)

  4. I see the most predominantly displayed book is Olive My Love. We also have that book, but my daughter's middle name is Olive. Why do you have it font and center, if I may ask. It is a lovely book, isn't it?

  5. I recognize the British version of the Harry Potter books tucked away in the back. ;-)