Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Athletics and Basketball

I was back inside the Bird's Nest to see the athletics competition. Aka Track and Field.

My new favorite thing to do is to walk up to the top seats of each stadium... as far as I can go, and take a picture of the entire venue. Quite a view.

Sometimes it's a little hair raising. I usually don't have a problem with heights but some of these stadiums go wayyyyy up. Look at me gripping the bar for dear life. I just felt as though I might tumble over the edge and roll all the way down to the track.

I got to see the Olympic basketball stadium for the first time when I saw the USA play Australia. It looks like pieces of celery stacked up around the edge.

Piglet and Domo rooting for the redeem team.

Again, another woozy trip to the top of the stadium. Worth the shot though.


  1. Er um, FYI, the current ESPN-approved pet name for our basketball players is the Redeem Team. Thought I'd tell ya that before Domo goes and smugly corrects you in front of LeBron or something.

    Hope you got to see Usain Bolt run.

    P.S. I'm with you on the heights thing.

  2. Oh thank you for the correction! I hate it when Domo gets smug.

  3. Hi Jenny--
    I am loving all your posts about the Olympics. Do you think you could possibly do a post of what kinds of foods you've been eating? I'm curious to know--and love your other food posts.

  4. Those "way up" shots are just amazing!

  5. I am enjoying your Olympic experience as much as watching the events on tv. What an amazing trip you have been on! The pictures are just fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing this once in a lifetime experience with us!

  6. Wow--you've got the greatest pics!