Monday, August 4, 2008

Photo projects

I have neglected to post some of the photo crafts I have created for the Tips & Projects Center at work recently.

Photo Bookmark - the beauty of this bookmark is it's made with super strong magnets so the bookmark doesn't fall out.

Photo Book Plates - I designed several different versions you can download.

Photo Plant Stakes - These look really cute stuck in a flower arrangement or a potted plant.


  1. Whoa... there's something freaky about having a person sticking out of Great Expectations. I think I'll pass on the Human Bookmark.

  2. I love your site and your craft ideas. I would really like to try the photo book mark but I cannot find the instructions. I am probably just missing it. Would you direct me to the instructions? Many thanks. Rhoda

  3. Rhoda - just click on this link for instructions

  4. Thanks for the link. I found the problem - I am from Canada and the message I get is that the page is not available for my country. Weird isn't it. Oh well, thanks for trying. Rhoda