Wednesday, September 17, 2008

7 things about me

A meme from Sprittibee... 7 fun things about me (well maybe more "interesting" than "fun" )

1. I love the smell of vanillaroma trees. I wish there were a food that tasted like vanillaroma trees smell.

2. I am interested in the idea of "teaching" your child to have a British accent. Kids are infinitely more cute with a British accent. "Might I have another biscuit mummy?"

3. I like to celebrate "birthday week". One day just isn't enough. Thank you to my friend Kristen for turning me on to this brilliant concept.

4. I use google to check if I am spelling words correctly. I just checked the word "adamant".

5. I have never had antibiotics.

6. I have a death wish against my fridge, stove, washer and dryer. They are as old as the hills and why don't they just kick it already so I can get new ones?

7. I'm not interested in playing the lottery because I am convinced suddenly coming into a boatload of money eventually ruins peoples lives. I don't have any hard facts to base that on, but I am adamant.

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  1. Thank YOU for turning me onto birthday week!

    And that is totally cool that you have never had antibiotics. You must be super healthy =)

  2. My husband and I do birthday week too. And I always use Google to check my spelling!

  3. I think you're the only person I know that's never had an antibiotic.

  4. Birthday week?
    At the bookstore I worked at it was accepted practice that you could celebrate for as many days as you were years old.
    I loved the policy.


  5. Adamant is easy to remember if you think of Adam Ant. That Goody Two Shoes singer from the 80's?

  6. wow! i can't believe you've never had antibiotics! :)

    sara does that mean you can take as many days off too? hehe

  7. You could probably save a lot of money on your electric bill if you replaced those dinosaur appliances.
    I google spell check too.