Monday, September 22, 2008

Dinner in Cologne

This evening I walked across the bridge with some fun coworkers to find dinner. I also had Domo and Piglet stashed in my purse. They couldn't miss Germany!

Domo was happy to get out.

Piglet enjoyed the walk.

All the buildings look so charming.

Here is where we settled on dinner.

Inside I ordered the world's largest frankfurter. Honestly... I had to chop it up so it fit on the plate. Oh and since I was in Cologne I felt obligated and I drank 1/3 of a Kölsch. Didn't get sick but it's still not my thing.

Despite how optimistic I look, I was only able to finish half of the frankfurter. I had to leave room for apple struesel of course. I also discovered I like red cabbage.


  1. Yeah, I'd leave room for apple steusel too! Hope you're having fun..looks like you are!


    Nothing more needs to be said.

  3. I actually never thought I'd like red cabbage either! It's really delicious. Have you had spaetzle yet? Nummers.

  4. That is one long.....weiner!

  5. imagine my surprise to find out that somehow domo ran away from germany to the target website!

    i'm thinking that a domo giftcard (with costume) would be a great gift to get. (must drop hints to dh)

    -Wild Snowflake

  6. Ah, but the most important question, how were the mashed potatoes?!

  7. Oh Im so JEALOUS!!! Hubbys family is from Germany, i have ALWAYS wanted to visit. Have a great time...keep Domo and Piglet away from the beer!