Monday, September 1, 2008


It was so hot in Beijing I was unprepared for the cooler weather that has arrived in Rochester. Paired with the arrival of Labor Day I suddenly feel as though fall is being foisted upon me. Rather than feeling sad summer is over I am trying to embrace all the things I love about fall. Like apples.

Which I made into apple pies I made last year.

and applesauce too.

I am stalking the orchard websites for my favorite Honeycrisp picking times. I am also interested in the apple variety that the local orchard is preparing for 2009... Chestnut Crab - Small and sometimes quite russetted and ugly, this cute little crab packs great flavor and surprising juiciness. Sliced with cheese it's quite wonderful. More than just a gnome-like novelty, Chestnut is a cult favorite in Minnesota, where it was introduced in 1949.



  1. Oh my goodness. you just brought back happy memories of picking those teeny apples when i was a little girl in MN! I didn't know they were a cult thing for Minnesotans. I always wondered why I haven't found them since!

  2. I just read in the paper today that due to the alternatingly hot and wet summer we had, the apples should be bountiful and delicious this fall. Hooray!

  3. What is the recipe for the amazing looking apple pie?

    How long does the apple sauce keep for? I thought about making my own but I have never made any preserves and have no idea how quickly I have to eat them = )

  4. I think ideally you should eat the applesauce in one year but it would prob last about 3. The pie recipe is from the bottom of my pie plate collections!