Friday, September 26, 2008

Food in Cologne

Some of the food I have had in Cologne...

Pomme frites with mayonaise, ketchup and fried onions (like the kind you put on green bean casseroles)

Soft pretzel... a must.

A berliner and chococcino.

Someone told me on Facebook to try a doner kebap and I ran into one so I tried it! Yum!

How cute are these weckmann pastries?


  1. omg, I totally miss doner kebaps (germany 2005 trip)! Enjoy one for me! And I love European churches, the architecture is amazing! Thanks for sharing your photos of Cologne!

  2. Maybe its just the way that most of the food was photographed but MAN they look huge...and I thought we had big portions in the U.S. :P

  3. I know this is kinda gross, but seeing that pomme frites picturejust made my whole mouth fill up with saliva. It's like, all my favorite things in a cone. (My mom actually hides those onions from me on Thanksgiving.)

  4. Hi Jenny, I totally agree the pretzels and kebaps are amazing there! I've been to a lot of countries in Europe and none of them have kebaps as good as Germany for some reason... and it's not like it's even a traditional German food so it's a bit baffling. I'm torn between kebaps in Berline, Cologne and Munich however :) I think the prize has to go to Berlin given that Cologne has so much other food acclaim like the Cologne food festival and of course the Cologne Christmas markets that we visited last year. Berlin doesn't have quite an image (like all capital cities, it's become less representational of the country as a whole) but it does get a load of great foreign food that I can't find anywhere else.

    I though those Weckmann pastries were playing golf at first, but then I noticed they're holding pipes! Silly me.

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