Monday, September 8, 2008

Kevin Smith

Saw Kevin Smith on the red carpet before his movie Zak and Miri Make a
Porno. What a nice guy. He was the only star I have seen come over to
his fans and sign autographs. His movie was funny and surprisingly cute.


  1. I love him too. His book about his 'boring ass life' is unexpectedly compelling to read (I pretty much sailed through it from cover to cover). He's talented in many ways.

  2. Several friends and I have tickets to see him in a spoken word concert in his home state of NJ... the tickets were originally for earlier in the year, but he canceled last minute due to the editing of his movie. We'll get to see him over a year after the dates printed on the tickets! The movie better be worth it! :) (and yes, I do hear he is a cool guy, despite disappointing the home crowd in our situation!)

  3. Sooo jealous! I'm such a huge fan of his. Check out SModcast (his weekly podcast) if you haven't already, it's hilarious.

  4. when you get home.. please please go to target and check out all the domo related halloween stuff!! you'll absolutely love it!

  5. I have been in love with his work since the first time I slapped Clerks into my VHS machine and have collected all of his work. Two of my favorites, surprisingly are the "Evening With Kevin Smith" dvds - they remind me a lot of Inside the Actor's Studio. Its great to get a glipse inside his head and figure out where a lot of his work comes from and the audience participation is great. They are long but definately worth watching if anyone hasn't had the pleasure yet!

  6. Kevin Smith is awesome!

    You can find two very funny videos on Netflicks where Kevin Smith interacts in Q&A sessions at various colleges in the US. Jason Mewes shows up in a few as well. They're called:

    "An Evening with Kevin Smith"
    "An Evening with Kevin Smith 2"

    Have fun! I laughed my butt off!

    Natalie from NC

  7. so jealous! i met him at comic-con back in '99. he was signing with jason mewes and i got both of their signatures on my clerks poster (which i then framed). they were both very nice, and let me also take a picture with them (i'll post it later if i can find it).

    - trish

  8. slightly off topic - have you seen the domo cupcakes someone made?