Friday, October 10, 2008

popcorn seasonings

The last time Aaron and I went to the movies, I was excited to discover you could buy a mini shaker of white cheddar seasoning for your popcorn. I love cheese popcorn so now I love getting popcorn at the movies even more.


  1. i just stumbled upon your blog.
    i gotta say that i love how you eat! excellent job!
    next time you go to germany - take me with you!!

  2. Hey, how do you know when you are starting to become an old lady? I saw those little shakers at the movies too and I thought "hmmm... delicious, but I could just buy a big one at the market and sneak it in in my purse."

    I try to blame it on my "environmental" side (too much packaging!) but I think it's just the old lady in me. I've started hoarding tea bags in my purse too! (no place I go has Good Earth Organic tea I like!)