Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Lights

Before we left for my parents house to spend the holidays we had to bundle up and go see the best light display on Rochester.

We go every year and every year there seems to be another addition.

This year it was bittersweet because this is the last year they will be setting up their light display. Everything but the train goes on sale after the 25th. Good thing we aren't there or I would be tempted to buy up a few things for our yard!


  1. You HAVE to check out the huge house on Beauclaire Lane in Fairport (off Turk Hill Rd between 96 and Garnsey Rd). The yard is completely insane. During the rest of the year it's covered in the most ridiculous assortment of statuary on a grand scale, and during Christmastime it's turned up about a thousand notches. It's like they went to the biggest holiday decoration store and got one of everything.

  2. You know, there was a house like that in my grandma's neighborhood in Baldwin, PA. It was a family tradition to make the pilgrimage to this person's house every year. He had a similar sign with times and what not. He passed away a few years ago and now no one decorates his house. We used to always play "Figure out the new decoration"...

    Ah.... the good old days.