Friday, January 30, 2009

Printable lists

We needed some printable projects at work for New Years with an organization theme so I designed these To Do and grocery lists.

I made a cute version, which is my personal favorite. Who doesn't love waving carrots?

And this modern looking dotty design.

Tina asked me to make these for her in bulk to help her get stuff done.

You can download the PDF's and make some for yourself here... Kodak Tips & Projects Center.

I think cute bulldog clips make them extra cute.

UPDATE: The site where these were available is gone so here are the lists for you to download:

Dancing Food Grocery List PDF

Tortoise & Hare To Do List PDF

Circles Grocery List PDF

Circles To Do PDF


  1. Those are awesome! And they would make fun gifts, too!

  2. Both sets are very well designed! You're good!

  3. i love the cute ones! love all the veggie peoples...

  4. love it!

    btw, this has nothing to do with your post, but have you seen this pink domo kun?

  5. you can also get some padding compound from the intarwebs and make pads. these are very cool, j!

    - trish

  6. I love these.. Strategic size manipulation and hole punching and straight into my Franklin they go, waving carrots and all!

  7. You always come up with the cutest stuff. I love these. Thanks!

  8. Do you still have a template for this? The link is expired!

    1. Yes I do have them! I save everything. I just added links to the post so you can click on them to get the pdf to download and print. Enjoy!