Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Best Hairclip

My hair is getting longer and when it is having an off day I like to wear it up in a twist. The last time my hair was long, I used a butterfly clip to hold it in a twist, but now I am wondering if butterfly clips have gone the way of the scrunchy. (I loved scrunchies! I had them in every color!)

I was really interested in the bandette comb NotMartha blogged about but I haven't been able to find one anywhere.

I did however find this really simple plastic clip. No hinges, no clasps, really basic.

And it works! It works great! Wow you can really see the blond when I twist my hair up.

When I was trying to take a picture, it was only a matter of time before someone came along and had to give it a sniff.


  1. Nice clip. I've been looking for alternatives to pony tails for a while. Where'd ya get it?

  2. I also saw that post about the bandette comb, and I found one at Claire's. They also had a couple at Icing. It is awesome, though I've only seen it in an orangey brown and I would really like it in black.

    Now I want this too. Thanks!

  3. Wait, scrunchies are "out"?!?

    Oh, nose....!!!

  4. I tried to find a bandette online (since I'm in Germany) after I read about it on notmartha,...on ebay...anywhere really...but no such luck. They don't even have it in their webshop!
    Maybe we should sign a petition. :)

    P.S.: the captcha I'm supposed to enter spells "nerdita"...how can they know? :)))