Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Jet Blue Terminal

I had to go to NYC for work and I got to fly through the new Jet Blue Terminal at JFK.

It is quite beautiful, so bright and white.

I heard they had some nice amenities in the terminal. I was super excited to see they have a Muji to Go and a Jamba Juice there! I already love to fly Jet Blue (tv's and blue potato chips!) but this really seals the deal for any trip to NYC.


  1. i love the mango pudding drinks at MUJI to-go! but they are so tiny- i could gulp down 5 in one sitting!

  2. Flew in and out of JFK a couple of weeks ago with JetBlue. Love the new terminal!

    PS. and the Blue Chips too!

  3. you must eat at piquillo next time!!! so worth it.