Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wisp and Super Swat

Sometimes you find products you had no idea you needed.

These teeny little Wisp toothbrushes are so cute! I feel kind of guilty, seems like a lot of plastic to throw out for one use. But sometimes you really need a quick brush on the go - coffee, onion sandwich etc.

This caught my eye - Super Swat - swatter sweeper scooper tweezer. The tweezer part really cracks me up. I don't need one of these though. We have Stewie. He is a swatter sweeper scooper eater.


  1. I got a pack of those Wisps as a promo in one of my recent Target packages. I have yet to use it though, it is currently awaiting to be used in my purse for the right time ;)

  2. The Wisp brushes aren't reusable though.