Friday, July 10, 2009

Cherry picking

After work Aaron and I went to Brown's Berry Patch to pick cherries.

I was glad to have an extra tall picker with me.

We picked a HUGE bowl of cherries.

There was so much to do at Brown's, there were farm animals to feed etc... I'd like to go back!

I also picked up a Cherry Chomper and I am so excited to use it!


  1. Oh mi goodness! I saw the exact same cherry pitter the other day and I was totally going to buy it.. except that I don't eat cherries, and my husband would not like more clutter in the house. BUT IT'S SO CUTE!

  2. Hey, wait a minute! There aren't TWO Aaron's are there?!

  3. That cherry chomper is AWESOME!

  4. So the Cherry Chomper's box says "mess free." After seeing the aftermath of 13 pounds of cherries, I'm not so sure that's accurate :-)

  5. My husband and I were at Brown's Friday night after our fish fry and walk on the pier. I as eye balling those Cherry Chompers!! I would have been star struck if I had run into you and Aaron!!