Monday, November 2, 2009

Cabin Weekend

Aaron and i went home for the weekend and stayed at my Grandfather's cabin in the woods with my parents. No computer, no cell phones... off the grid. We went for walks...

... and I took lots of pictures.

I took lots of moss photos.

Oscar thought he was king of the mountain.

I also took a lot of naps in front of the fire. It was just what I needed.


  1. That sounds fantastic! And as much as I'm jealous that it wasn't me out there, I'm glad you had the chance to rest and revive :-)

  2. i luv your blog and know you're a big fan of cupcakes and cupcake apparel, have you seen these cupcake beanies at it's so cute and i think right up your alley :-)

  3. sighh that sounds really really good. especially the off the grid bit, good idea that we shld try!

  4. That looks like a fabulous weekend. I love moss too - a POW of green in the woods.

  5. I love Oscar! He is soooo cute. Great photos!

  6. I'm LICHEN your photos!
    ...sorry, couldn't resist!