Monday, December 14, 2009

Target Christmas Tees

Target has their really cute holiday t-shirts for $5 again! Aaron checked with every Target in town to find this Hedgehog Toboggan Rental shirt in my size.

I also got the Snow Bunny one.

Umm and the Snowman Marshmallow one too. Yeahhhhhh I got three - but I wear them a lot!


  1. I missed out on the great Halloween shirt you got last year, (the mystery book store/owl one) because I could only find it in girl sizes. I am going to find that hedgehog one. Even if I have to stuff it and make it a pillow for my boy.

  2. I just went to my Target in town to find that Hedgehog shirt, but nooo they did not have them! :( boohoo.

  3. The trick is these t-shirts are in the PJ section not the regular clothes section!

  4. Cute T shirts - so wish we had Target in the UK!!

  5. I looked all over, too. Can't find them on the website, either. :(
    Do you have the item#? Sometimes the customer svc can locate them if they have that number.