Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Buttons and More

I made these I heart twitter buttons for my peeps for little Valentines Day treats. Have I mentioned how much I love my button maker?

I also made up these little goodie boxes for Tina, Shruti and Aprille. Inside were items I bought right in front of them! Clay bird for Tina, knit cup snuggy for Aprille and a bird decal for Shruti.


  1. Which button maker did you buy? I'm researching this right now. TIA.

  2. I heart twitter and my decal - rocks to have you as a friend :0)

  3. teamaldrich & alison - Aaron got it for me, but I think he got it from American Button Machines.

    Shruti - you are welcome!

  4. You are the most thoughtful person! How wonderful it must be for your friends to have a friend like you.