Monday, March 8, 2010

Lions at MGM

I am in Vegas for just a couple days for a photography show and that means I get to see my friends Peggy and Walt. Before we went to dinner we took a moment to check out the lion habitat at MGM. I almost fell over because there were PEOPLE in the enclosure WITH the LIONS!

I didn't get great pictures because I was scrambling to get a pic with my phone before someone was eaten. There was some voice over that said the lions are used to the trainers being in there. One of them even PATTED the lions on the HEAD! They also said there are 37 lions and they live out on a ranch and they take turns being at MGM. These two had a bath that morning. They get washed with Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo. So they are nice and soft. But does that mean I want to go in and pet their heads? No.


  1. Awww sweet kitty-cats! J got me A Lion called Christian for Xmas - how sweet!

  2. The last time I was at MGM the lions were happily munching away on giant rawhide bones.
    It made them seem more like overgrown lap kitties than giant maneaters!

  3. that habitat is so nice a number of lions have been banned because they don't like to leave after their shift.

    I am so glad I didn't know you were at that conference (I thought it was mostly bridal photographers) because I would have been uberstalkery since I work at a certain Strip casino and walk through the lion habitat on my way to the bus every day.

    (and yes: last month one of the girls DID take a snap at a trainer. we live for these moments--the last exciting thing that happened on our corner of the strip was a monkey getting loose on the set of "Let's Make a Deal" and ending up on the roof 23 stories up ;)