Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pizza on the grill

Our new thing is making pizza on the grill. What started it was this pizza grill pan I got at Wegmans. It's like a typical pizza pan but with a handle to help you get it on and off the grill.

We like to make a salami, red onion and mushroom pizza.

You just pop the entire thing on the grill. I have heard that you can also put a pizza stone on the grill or some people put the pizza right on the grill bars!

I love it because it makes a really crispy crust.

Nom nom.


  1. That looks delicious! Thanks for the post. I would love one of those (similar to "brick oven" pizza probably?)

  2. I was hungry *before* looking at this. What is your process? We haven't had good luck with our dough (do you make your own?).


  3. This looks so delicious and fun. I was waiting for you to post about your grill pizzas as I first saw some of the pics on your Flickr site.

    Just a few questions:
    1. Do you keep the lid close on the grill?
    2. Is that store bought crust or do you have your own recipe?

    I'm planning to make my own pizzas on the grill as well this summer.


  4. We grill pizza quite a bit, right on the grate. Totally delicious.

  5. Ellen M - yes, I would say it is kind of like brick oven pizza.

    Jane - We use Wegmans' pre-made pizza crust, they even have a whole wheat version.

    Linda - 1. Yes, we close the grill lid to help the cheese melt
    2. It is Wegmans' pre-made pizza crust, pretty tasty.

  6. *tummy-rumbling*
    it looks very yummy... though it's only 7am in Malaysia I'm already hungry *drooling*