Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Garden

We had to leave the raised garden bed Aaron built behind at the old house. We found kits for our garden beds this time.

Since the season has already started we decided to just do one square this year. We built one 4x4 bed and planted a rhubarb for Aaron, three tomatoes and a zucchini.

Aaron won a Topsy Turvy at his company picnic last year so we decided to try it out. We planted it with a yellow plum tomato... can't wait to see how it turns out.


  1. Ah, love the background pic! ;) I took pics yesterday, look for our garden post in the next day or so!

  2. Ah, the sight of a garden is always so lovely!

    I got my Grandfather one of the Topsy Turvy things for Father's Day! I am excited for him to use it... they use the same kind of growing technique at Disney World with their vegetables and what not... apparently it allows them to grow bigger or something!