Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bikes of Chautauqua

There is limited car access to the grounds at Chautauqau, hence the popularity of bikes.

I haven't seen this many bikes since I was in the Netherlands.

And seeing them all really makes me want a bike.

Not just any bike. I have a mountain bike. i want a old fashioned simple bike with fenders, a basket and a bell.

A bike you tool up and down the neighborhood on.


  1. And handlebars for a basket. And you could put pink streamers in the handles. Ahhh.

  2. Bikes are great. Some of them remind me of ones in Portland OR. That is a huge biking town. Here in West Chester Pa. It is a little hilly. We have a time in our small town though were they close down the roads and everyone brings out their bikes. Pretty cool.

  3. Dude, get an Electra bike. They were made for you! I have one and love it. Mine has a basket and bell and they come in pretty colors!