Saturday, July 17, 2010

Case Collectors Weekend

We are at the Case Knife Collectors Reunion in Bradford PA with my
parents this weekend. My mom and I have become rabid pin collectors
since the last reunion.

We took a wood carving session and made little old man faces out of
wood. Last time I did this I required a band aid before it was over.

Aaron got me this little pink knife. I decided if I'm going to collect
knives their gonna be pink. This one is a bubblegum pink tiny muskrat.


  1. I have the same hobby, collecting pink knives! Piranha makes a lot of great pink blades.

  2. My hubby's amazed by knives! He even asked me to write my essay on the topic "Knives in my life". Strange, but very informative and interesting.

  3. That was my wife's comment, lol. She always takes my laptop and writes instead of me:)