Saturday, August 28, 2010

Orchard Wedding

I went to the coolest wedding of my friends Beth and Lisa today. The ceremony was very traditional, but the reception was at an orchard in a barn!

It was like a Martha Stewart Wedding - every five steps I was stopping to ooh and ahh.

An old fashioned typewriter so you could type messages to the happy couple!

Photos of them since they were babies!

Candles in jars!

Lemonade and iced tea in jelly jars!

Mismatched china plates!

Corn on the cob and CHICKEN POT PIE! (chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot PIIIIIIIIIIIIE)

A quiet moment in the barn.


  1. what a beautiful wedding. I love their dresses, and how cool are those beautiful plates and the jar-candles!

    It looks like a very romantic day, and your photos really captured the magic of it!

  2. Don't you just love creative people. Every last detail is so cool. The dresses are beautiful. What a great way to start off a marriage!

  3. Were you their wedding planner?? This has YOU written all over it!

  4. Was this wedding at Hurd's on Ridge Road? It looks familiar...

  5. Stefani - that would be a fun job... wedding planner!

    Lisa - Yes, that is Hurd's Orchard.

  6. Gorgeous gowns -- and what a beautiful day for a wedding! Love the vintage typewritten well wishes idea. Congratulations to them both!

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  8. ljc!!!! this is so great! really glad you dug it. ps: POPCORN OMGOOOOOSH!


  9. This looks amazing -- so special and so personal. AND CHICKEN POT PIE -- BONUS!

  10. Awwwww (sniff)... That last pic brought tears to my eyes. I love wedding pix. Thanx for sharing.

  11. Loved all the details, and especially the last photo. So lovely.

  12. I love all the details! So cute!

    (chicken pot pieeeeeeeee!) LOL!

  13. I don't get to read everyday -- but I catch every post eventually. Thanks so much for sharing this one! It just touched me ...

  14. Oh hey! I know Beth. I used to work @ Starbucks with her many moons ago... and we share some seriously epic mutual friends. What a pretty wedding for some pretty girls. HI BETH! CONGRATULATIONS!