Friday, September 17, 2010

Anthology Magazine

I just heard about this new magazine, Anthology.

They describe Anthology as "A new quarterly shelter and lifestyle print magazine that takes a narrative approach to its coverage of home d├ęcor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture."

I loved some of the photos I saw, so I ordered the first issue to get a better look.

Their blog is worth a look, they had this post about using book pages as wallpaper.


  1. This looks so cool!

    I'm getting rid of our kitchen wallpaper this year, I swear. Not sure about using book pages, but I like how it looks!

  2. stop feeding my addictions! ;-) looks cool, checking blog.

  3. Wow, I could totally see your kitchen looking just like the one in the photo. Cool mag!

  4. I heat that cheese platter!!! I want it soooo badly...