Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall decorations

Fall is in full swing at our house. I cannot be stopped with the pumpkin purchasing. Since we have so much room I have been buying the funky looking heirloom pumpkins I love to sit around.

Our window boxes are full of fall leaves and pumpkins. They are both faux decor that I can use every year.

Mary Irene got me this adorable welcome flower basket for our house warming party and I just switched out the petunias for mums.

The house is looking pretty autumnal.

We even put our giant light up pumpkin in the attic window. I love how it looks at night with him peeping out!


  1. LOVE it! Those planters below the windows are just amazing!

  2. Love how the pumpkins look in your window boxes!

  3. Ha, I have the same welcome planter!