Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cutting the cord: Update #1

Cutting the cord update.

• cable has been canceled

• we kept cable internet

• Aaron got a digital antennae - about the size of rabbit ears

• Netflix is running through the Wii

I was surprised to see how clear and sharp the reception is through the digital antennae. We get all the major networks plus some others like CoolTV. Netflix is running well through our Wii - watched Alice in Wonderland and the old Willy Wonka. My fav shows haven't been on yet, so I can't report on how it is either trying to catch the live or watch them online. We are leaning towards Boxee for watching shows when we want like House, Bones and Fringe all my favs and all on Fox.

So far, so good.


  1. wow. please keep us posted! my husband has been so ready to do this but i keep coming up with excuses. you are totally giving me courage!

  2. Wait, does the digital antenna give you those channels for free with no TV subscription? We have basic cable just for the major networks but if I can bypass paying that monthly bill, I will be so happy.

  3. Yup, with the digital antennae we get ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS and some others. No charge.

  4. We cut the cord about six months ago. We kept our cable internet, and hooked up a laptop to the TV. We also bought a digital antennae. We run netflix off the laptop to the TV screen, and we watch our fave shows on line. We went a step further and cut out home phone, opting for Magic Jack at $20 a year. So far so good.

  5. May I ask which digital antennae you got? We've gone through 2 and neither of them bring in all the broadcast channels (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox) Thanks!

  6. The antennae we got is a GE Amplified Indoor Antenna designed for HDTV.