Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Trees

Before December is over, here is this year's Christmas tree.

Someday I would like to have a tree in every room. This pinecone and acorn tree is in our bedroom. (please ignore the wallpaper)

I have especially always wanted a kitchen Christmas tree... I finally have room for one.

I have the Martha Stewart Kmart kitchen utensil ornaments.

And I also found mini food glass ornaments. Perfect for a kitchen tree.


  1. Kitchen utensil ornaments are so cute, I love all of your trees. A tree in every room is a great goal.

  2. Love the kitchen tree. I found a few kitchen ornaments at Target this year. A blender, toaster and a stand mixer. Too cute to resist.

  3. miftik - those sound perfect for the kitchen!

  4. I have a collection of gingerbread houses & gingerbread motiff kitchen things in mine that I do for Christmas. I also have a Christmas tree (with a flat side) I usually hang on in kitchen with alot of Martha (from KMart) Christmas ornaments. I was thinkingof buying an aluminum tree to replace it! Great minds think alike!