Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ljc's Holiday Gift Guide - Music Lover

For the music lover... Guster's new album, Easy Wonderful. On CD or vinyl!

Guster is one of my favorite bands. Their albums are some of the few where I like every song. Easy Wonderful is no exception. "Do You Love Me" takes me back to their 1999 album, Lost and Gone Forever. I also love "On the Ocean" and "This Could All Be Yours". This album got us through painting our living room. I love that they have a music video for each song on this album!

I was bummed that Rochester wasn't on Guster's Easy Wonderful tour, but then I heard that they would be here for part of a local radio station's Mistletoe Show this evening.

There were three bands before Guster but that was ok because as each finished their fans moved back and I ended up in the front row. For the first time ever I could see everything! (The other bands were pretty good too)

The extra member, Joe left recently and Luke has joined the band. I think he is a good addition - lots of energy and mixes well with Adam, Brian and Ryan.

Guster - always a good show and a great album for a stocking stuffer!


  1. Oh snap, you should have sent me a message that you were coming to the show! I could have gotten you VIP passes.

    They said that of all the radio shows they've done this year, our crowd was the best, and I've decided to believe them, because they don't seem like the kind of guys who would lie just to butter up the program director, you know?

    That's cool that you got in the front row though!

  2. I saw you there shooting video with THAT OTHER pocket video camera! : ) I didn't want to disturb you in the midst of recording. It was a great show!

  3. Haha one of our sales guys at one point was trying to get some of YOUR pocket cameras on trade, but I don't think it happened.

    I was running around like a fool because the part timer that was supposed to be helping me got stuck at the Thriving Ivory merch table, so I had to figure out how to shoot the main video AND b roll myself.

    How does YOUR pocket cam do with concert sound? The OTHER ONE kinda sucks. Well, I haven't looked at the HD one yet, but the regular ones aren't very good. :(

  4. Target has a Christmas Sampler for download; one of the tracks is Guster. Check it out!

  5. Someone told me about it on Facebook - it's soooo good! Blog post about it soon!