Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chocolate filled strawberry cups

I have been thinking for awhile about what to make to take to our friend's Super Bowl party. I saw these chocolate filled strawberry cups on Pinterest but there wasn't a link to how to make them.

Aaron is the skilled chocolatier in the family so he stepped in and figured how to make them.

He also got creative and made some with the chocolate base and filled the berries with whipped cream.

I think I like these even better than chocolate covered strawberries cause there is a better chocolate to strawberry ratio and the chocolate doesn't crumble everywhere when you bite into them.

The whipped cream ones are good cause you get both the whipped cream and chocolate. Nom nom.


  1. I like the looks of yours better! Not too much chocolate to overwhelm the yummy strawberry. I'm pinning it! lol

  2. Those are fabulous! Please send me some!