Thursday, February 10, 2011

ljcfyi Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Wall & Window Decals

Here is a unique gift for Valentine's Day. Shanna Murray's wall and window decals would be great for a friend that loves to decorate. Or you could surprise your Valentine... apply it to a wall while they are out of the house and add photos and sweet nothings to accompany it for them to discover when they return.

There are several garlands, tidings and critters to choose from. Start with one or mix and match.

You can adhere them to a wall or a window. Easy to apply and removeable if you ever change your mind.

There are three matte shades and two metallic to choose from.

If you have a special message you would like Shanna also does custom decals. They are so charming bcause they look handpainted. So many opportunities for a delightful Valentine's surprise!

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