Monday, May 23, 2011

Bike beauty shots

I have been pinning bikes on a bike board over on pinterest and after I got my birthday bike from Aaron I realized I needed a beauty shot of my new bike too.

So I loaded my bike basket up with newly bloomed peonys and posed it around the neighborhood. I really wanted to take pictures with Hugo in the basket but alas - he has grown too big to fit in it. I tried stuffing him in believe me. No go.

Bike Instagram!

I was getting some funny looks from my neighbors but it was worth it.

I did take it for a ride after the photoshoot.

It rides like a dream. I did constantly feel like the handlebars and seat were crooked because I was the one that put it together but other than that it's as smooth as buttah!


  1. So pretty! My cycling gear is in storage right now and I miss it terribly.

  2. So pretty! I want one! And how about a photo tour of the new house? Surely you've gotten it all cute, you have sucha sweet style.

  3. Is it possible for a bike to be spoiled? That beauty is clearly loved.

  4. What a beaut! It makes me want to go on a ride and I haven't done that since college.

  5. What kind of bike is it? It's gorgeous!

  6. Joey - It's a SixThreeZero bike