Thursday, May 19, 2011


The sassy ladies over on one of the most creatively named blogs "The Cheddar Guppies Blog" listed Ljcfyi as one of their new found blogs. As a blog that has been around for 10 years I love that people still discover it anew.

Some Guppy blog posts I enjoyed....

Fine art of Silhouette - "Now I just want to try one of the dog LOL."

Royal Wedding - Fashion Roundup - "Seriously Chelsy? Harry is by far the most attractive royal and easily the one everyone wants to share a pint with so maybe you should bring your A game to this event. Just sayin" and "She should've taken it all the way and accessorized with black...then she would've been the Queen Bee!"

Dear Teachers -- You're Awesome - "I just need to figure out how to make them look nice and smooth like Brooke's, instead of like the surface of the moon."


  1. Hey, thanks for this! We're having a ton of fun making our way out here in the land o' blogs. We're glad you like our site--the feeling is mutual!


    btw, SO excited about the new Zooey Deschanel series! She's one of my faves.

  2. I've discovered your blog 10 years ago and been following you and your loved ones since then.... Feels like you are a friend :)

    Wish you have a happy life so you can kep on inspiring other people
    Kisses from the heart

  3. Thank you so much for saying so! It's what keeps me blogging!