Saturday, August 20, 2011

F. Olivers olive oils and vinegars in Rochester

There is a new shop on Park Ave that specializes in oils and vinegars. F. Olivers is from the Finger Lakes and offers a mind boggling selection of flavors of vinegars and oils.

We stopped in during the Park Ave Fest and you can see how stunned Tina was. Their shop is amazing with rows of shinny tanks that you can sample from.

Just a few of the vinegar flavors are peach, grapefruit, cinnamon pear, coconut, dark chocolate, pineapple - the list goes on.

As for olive oils some of the flavors are basil, blood orange, lime, chipotle, and the most amazing Little Butter. There is no dairy involved but this olive oil tastes like butter! Perfect for misting on popcorn.

If you are going to visit you really need time to sample all the flavors and let the staff mix some for you - basil olive oil with strawberry vinegar - fantastic!


  1. I bought my husband a bottle of the zesty grapefruit vinegar during Park Ave Fest. They paired it with basil olive oil in the store - delicious. My coconut-loving friend left with a bottle of creamy coconut vinegar and has reported it's yummy on salads (paired in store with lime olive oil). They have another store in Canandaigua, and if you plan to buy frequently, ask about signing up for their program! -- Mary

  2. I frequent the Canandaigua store often. One of my favorite combos is the pineapple vinegar and basil Olive oil. Delicious!

  3. I went into the store during the festival, too, and I saw you had signed the guest book a couple spots up from me. :)