Saturday, September 3, 2011

Old Tapes - This is Goodbye

I think everyone at some point thinks it would be cool to be in a band and alternatively... if lacking in musical talent, be friends with a band instead.

I am excited to say I know the lead singer of the local Rochester band - Old Tapes. They just released their EP - This is Goodbye.

Farewell was an instant favorite. It's a dreamy, Sia-ish, float away song. Don't get too comfy though 'cause What I Need Tonight and Queen are drive fast with the windows down tunes. And as a long time fan of Chris Isaak - I dug their cover of Wicked Game.

You can check Old Tapes out on their website, Facebook page, "heart" them on hypem, pre-order the vinyl or see them at the Bug Jar on Sept 9th!


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