Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Brunch and Pinterest

Yesterday we had our annual Christmas brunch. Thanks to Pinterest I was able to try some new recipies. I even made breakfast nom Pinterest board.

Actually I made this one up myself, a berry parfait, inspired by this recipe. I mixed Wegman's Greek yogurt with honey, then layered it with raspberries, blackberries and vanilla granola.

Tina brought pop open cans of Pillsbury sticky buns and I put them in the waffle iron! I saw the Waffle Iron Sticky Buns first on Pinterest. They cooked so quickly and were delicious! Especially with the frosted topping. Ignore those burnt ones lying to the side. The recipe said to leave them in there for 2 minutes but my waffle iron only took one.

I also found these on Pinterest. Bacon, egg and toast cups from Martha Stewart.

They were so easy to make!

I even added a little swiss cheese to the tops.

Thanks to Pinterest we had a great brunch!

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