Tuesday, January 17, 2012

World Market

While I was in Vegas my good friends Peggy and Walt took me to an awesome store called World Market. It's kind of like a Pier One but even better.

There were so many goodies. I really had to watch myself so I didn't over commit to what I could take home in my suitcase.

I got this paper recycling bag. Wrestling with the recyclables in our house is a constant struggle. It's amazing how much paper we get in the mail. Hopefully this will help round it up.

Jars! Argh they had jars of all shapes and sizes. I so should not be toting glass back home on the plane but I couldn't resist these little guys. Chalkboard paint?

World Market also has international foods! And some US too, like this honey. I'm not sure what makes it "tea" honey but combine wee jar with honey and the mention of tea and I'm on board.


  1. I love World Market! They have these large tins of gingersnaps that i could eat by the pallet load! Glad you got to go.

  2. World Market is one of my favorite stores. So much better from Oier One. The imported food is tasty. The Beers of the World package a great gift.

  3. World Market, aka Cost Plus World Market, also sells really nifty 9-packs or 12-packs of assorted vintage sodas. The stuff made from real cane sugar in glass bottles. They're a big hit at parties; we bought cases and cases of a few years back for our wedding.