Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ice on orchids

My grandma has about a half dozen orchids and they are amazing. They get big plentiful blooms and they bloom over and over again. She told me once that she waters them by placing ice cubes at the roots and letting them melt. I decided I would try it with the beautiful heart orchids Aaron got me for Valentine's Day.

When I tweeted that I got comments that it didn't seem like a good idea, knowing orchids like warmth. But if you saw my Grandma's monster orchids you would think it was worth a try too.

Then suddenly my twitter account was being followed by @justaddice orchids! It IS a simple and effective way to water! They have lots of information on their site and blog.

I couldn't believe it! Just Add Ice Orchids. They even have downloadable calendars to remind you when to water your orchid! What a great idea.


  1. Thanks for the update! I've been given orchids as gifts in the past and have had no success at keeping them alive. It's so disappointing when all the blossoms fall off...I'm definitely giving this a try!

  2. Ha! I have been accused of trying to kill my mother's plants when dropping ice around their roots. I thought I was conserving water and now I'm validated:)

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