Monday, February 6, 2012

More Pinterest

I joined Pinterest over a year ago and have been happily and obsessively pinning ever since. I was finding lots of amazing things among the people already on Pinterest and a handful of my friends that joined. It's my go to spot for recipes and craft inspiration.

A couple weeks ago I started getting way more follows than usual. Seemed like a Mashable article peaked a lot of interest.

Since then Pinterest has exploded. News is breaking that Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers and Pinterest Rivals Twitter in Referral Traffic.

I have to say, I sorta wondered if this was coming. I first had a clue when the folks from the Salvage Gallery told me they were getting all sorts of hits from Pinterest pins pointing to my blog post about them at the Clotheline Festival. Sometimes I go just to see what is being pinned from my blog.

Then the day came. The day Aaron joined Pinterest and it went from kittens, recipes and nail polish to guns, beer and motorcycles.


  1. Gosh, I hope us guys don't ruin it for you! A rising tide raises all boats. ;-)

  2. I dread the commercialization of Pinterest, but I guess it's inevitable.

  3. As @lilfish stated above, I too dread the commercialization of Pinterest, however I have to thank you, Ljc for giving me my invite so long ago for the page.... It has been quite a fun page to have... Thank you! :o)

  4. Ah, so that's what's happened. I'm such a light dabbler and have still seen my few pins re-pinned recently.