Saturday, March 3, 2012


Fav polishes of the moment.

Miami Nice for toes.

Buy Me a Cameo for fingers.

Next purchase... As Gold as it Gets for sparkle.


  1. Buy Me a Cameo is pretty! Sigh...I may "need" that one too! Btw, I got Miami Nice a few weeks ago. I finally got a chance to put it on last week. I used the Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo Strengthener instead of the OPI Base Coat which I normally use. My manicure lasted 12 days, I finally got my first official chip last night!

    *enable mode on* Essie's Luxeffects collection is nice. I have all the top coats from that collection. You might as well add A Cut Above to your next purchase. It has larger pieces of pink glitter! *enable mode off*

  2. Peggy - you are the nail polish queen!!!

  3. I wear my crown proudly! :P

    Btw, my manicure even made it through a day at the shooting range just fine too. That has to say something! lol