Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Veggies at Wegmans

If you have been to Wegmans recently you will notice that there is a big emphasis on veggies. They even have a new reusable bag with a veggie design as seen on their last Menu magazine cover.

I am guessing there will be other bags coming out. Collect all four!

With this focus on veggies, Aaron has been bringing his work home with him and we have been trying new veggie recipes at home like this Pasta with Garlic and Kale.

And this cabbage soup. Lucky me!


  1. I bought one of these bags a few weeks ago. The check-out guy asked me this past Sunday if I had the Halloween bag. When I told him I did he was super impressed. I responded that I might not have known they were out if I hadn't seen them on a blog. Hmmmm... wonder who posted about that? ;-)

  2. Julia - my job here is complete. : )