Friday, June 29, 2012

More ROC art

When Aaron and I were leaving the Public Market last week after the Food Truck Rodeo, I noticed some birds painted under the overpass. Well, what I actually did was point and bark out "BIRDS!". Another look and we realized there was more to it... there were some amazing looking mural painted on the walls on both sides of Union Street.

Mural by Faith47 from 2011's Visual Intervention

I LOVE seeing this. Aaron and I talk about neighborhood/urban (whatever you want to call it) art all the time since we car pool to work through downtown. I like the electric box paintings, the light pole mosaics, bus stop installations... all of it. I think it makes Rochester more interesting and better to look at.

Turns out these murals came from a group called Wall Therapy. They are... ummm... well their statement is "WALL\THERAPY is a public community-level intervention using mural art as a vehicle to address our collective need for inspiration."

Sounds good to me! They are having a fund raiser at Roc Brewing company where you can meet a few of mural artists. And drink beer I am guessing. July 14th.

Wall Therapy: Facebook | Twitter | Web

It just seems like a really good time to be living in Rochester!

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