Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rochester Real Beer Expo

Weeks ago Aaron got us tickets to the Rochester Real Beer Expo.

Saturday night was the big event. He had been looking forward to it for weeks. Gregory Street was shut down and there were tents with brewers offering over 80 different kinds of beer! It was a beer lovers dream. You got a little tasting glass and off you went. The glass looks tiny in Aaron's hand but he was happy as a clam.

I was mostly excited about my pretzel necklace. Oh, and a chance to wear my special t-shirt.

Also it was nice to be outside on a nice evening and run into lots of friends.

AND the Le Petit Poutine truck was there! I have been trying to eat at this food truck for ages! For those of you that don't live right next to Canada, poutine is french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds.

Finally! We split a serving and it was delicous. Those Canadians are onto something!

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